Forged Now Completely Posted and Other News

Hello, all.  First of all, I apologize for the delay in posting Forged.  I caught Bronchitis at the beginning of January and because of other medical issues I have couldn’t take anything to get rid of it so it sidelined me for the majority of January.  I feel much better now, though, so I just finished posting A Family Forged By Love, Loyalty, & Honor.  It’s now completely up and ready to read. (Image is linked to the Table of Contents)

Forged Banner_Heroes_03_Jules

A special shoutout to Traceybuie who asked me if there was any chance for Klaus’ Redemption.  Her question sparked an idea in my mind so now there may very well end up being a sequel to this story.



On another note, the results of Kittyinaz’s Christmas Carol Challenge are in (have been for a while) and I did not win.  I have posted the short story on this site (It’s called Letting Go).  It is actually chapters 44, and 46-50 of the sequel to Shards of Shattered Glass, which I will be working on getting ready to be posted with hopes of it being ready to publish sometime during Spring of 2017.  I decided to post the ‘short story’ as a teaser of sorts to all my incredibly patient fans.

Many thanks to Kittyinaz for the very pretty banner (which is linked to the story)



I’m thinking of entering Kittyinaz’s First Quarter Writing Challenge too.  Here’s the prompt picture, which is linked to the page for the contest.


I hope some of my readers will enter too because I know that there are quite a few incredibly talented writers that read my stories.

Well, now I’m off to work on my other WIP’s and the outline for the sequel to Forged, which I want to get on paper sooner rather than later while the ideas are still fresh in my mind!


Currently Updating Forged – Chapters 001 through 019 posted

Forged Banner_Heroes_03_Jules

Hi, all.  Happy New Year!  I have been updating Forged for the last few days.  I have through chapter 019 posted.  Lauren has edited through chapter 029.  I’m not sure I’ll get the whole story posted by the end of tomorrow, which had been my goal, but the chapters should all be up in the next week or two provided my new Kindle doesn’t steal all my time.  lol.  My goal for this year is to find a balance between reading and writing.  Last year I read less than one book (three-quarters of a book to be specific), but I wrote probably close to a million words.  I’d like to find a way to do both, so I’ve set a goal of 122 books and 500,000 words throughout the whole year.  I read a book and edited three chapters today, so I have high hopes that I can both read and work on my stories.

Anyway, I seriously fixed up the first nine chapters of Forged (I am the proud new owner of the Grammarly app, so that helped me find a ton of issues I had missed before.)  I would suggest you all reread the first nine chapters because stuff has been changed, especially if the last time you read it Jeremy was still a boy (I turned him into Juliet, Elena’s baby sister.)

I’ll be working on chapter 020 tonight and maybe 021 too, otherwise, I’ll post some more tomorrow.

Happy reading

A Family Forged by Love, Loyalty, & Honor Chapter Listing

Another Challenge I Entered & An Update on Forged

Hello, everyone.  I hope you’re all nice and warm if you live somewhere cold like I do.  I wanted to let you all know that I participated in Kittyinaz’s Christmas Carol Writing Contest December 2016.  Voting is currently open, and there are some fantastic stories.  I honestly don’t know which story to vote for.  Anyhow, if you all would like to read the amazing stories and vote the image is linked…


I would also like to let you all know that Lauren went on a beta-ing binge.  I now have chapters 001 through 019 of Forged back from her, so it’s just a matter of my reading through everything one more time to make sure I agree with her changes.  I should be posting new chapters soon, maybe even this weekend.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.



OMG I Actually Won lol

So I posted a while ago that I was participating in Kittyinaz’s October Writing Challenge.  I kind of forgot about it after that, and I just checked and my story ‘Say You’ll Stay’ came in first place.  *Does Happy Dance*

The other story by Brookie Twilling was absolutely awesome.  If you haven’t had a chance to go read her story.. go make time because it rocks!

Say You’ll Stay is the first Chapter in a WIP that is in my writing queue.  Right now I’m focusing on the sequel to Shards of Shattered Glass, which is entirely written and just being edited (all 116 chapters and 234,000+ words of it).  I’m also working on a new story tentatively titled Unbreakable that is a Bella Swan/Damon Salvatore Crossover.  I’ve got 14 chapters of that written.  I plan to finish editing the Shattered Glass sequel early next year and then post it after I finish posting A Family Forged by Love, Loyalty, and Honor, which I have NOT forgotten about.  Lauren and I are working on editing Forged as quickly as possible, so I can post it all for you.  Once Forged and the Shattered Glass sequel are done being edited I plan to focus on Unbreakable and Say You’ll Stay.

In the mean time check out the beautiful banner Wendy made me.  I love it so much!  The image is linked to the Challenge page so you can go read Brookie’s story too!  It actually caused me to cry it was so moving!


Until next time, which may or may not be a notice about the Christmas Challenge… lol

Answering Edited & Forged Rewritten

Hi everyone.  I’m so sorry for not posting lately.  I was busy rewriting Forged.  It now has Girl!Jeremy instead of Boy!Jeremy… so her name is now Juliet… it was the only way I could keep it posted and still be in keeping with my newly reclaimed religious beliefs… Chapters 001 through 009 are reposted and I’m going to try to post another chapter in the next couple of days.

Also, I decided to read Answering again, just for fun.  Turns out it’s a good thing I reread it… there were a ton of typos… not sure how that happened since I always spell check first, and it was throughout the entire story, so I must have posted the wrong versions or something… anyways, the typos should be all gone now!

Here are the links to the Home pages of both stories…

Answering the Prayers of Vampires

A Family Forged By Love, Loyalty & Honor

I’m also hard at work on the sequel to Shards of Shattered Glass.  I have the first draft completely written and am just working on editing it.  I am close to being done with it, and Lauren has read the first two chapters and loved them, so I should be able to start posting that soon too!

Now I’m off to work on the sequel to Shards!

New Chapter of Forged Posted

Hey y’all, I have the next chapter of Forged posted.  I meant to do it yesterday but I got distracted by a new story I’m working on, a little Kol & Damon Best Mates, Niklaus/Elena, Rebekah/Stefan, Elijah/????? ditty one of my readers gave me the idea for… I’ve already got almost 40,000 words written for it and I’m nowhere near done with it… anyways, I apologize for forgetting, but hey at least I didn’t make you all wait for more than a month like I did last time… lol.

So without further ado here is the chapter…

Forged Banner_Chapter 009_02_Jules

Chapter 007 of Forged is now up

Hey everyone, I hope all those who celebrated Easter had a good Holiday.  We had decent yet slightly cold weather, but today is freezing and raining, which I was silly enough to walk 7.5 miles in today… lol… oh the things we do to lose weight and get healthy… so now I’m back home, dried off, and I have a nice hot cup of tea, so I posted chapter 007 of ‘A Family Forged By Love, Loyalty & Honor’.  Cross your fingers that Lauren gets a chance to read through chapter 008 tonight when she gets home so I can post that too but in the meantime go read chapter 007…

Forged Banner_Chapter 007_02_Jules

Chapter Listing for A Family Forged by Love, Loyalty & Honor

So Very Sorry for the Delay

Hi everybody… so I’ve had chapter 005 of Forged back from Lauren for probably at least 6 weeks and I’ve had 006 back from her for at least 2 weeks and yet I have not posted them…  I’ve been too busy finding Jesus and losing weight (thanks to my three mile walks every day).  Anyway I have finally posted both chapters and I promise to try not to sit on revised chapters for so long in the future…

So, without further ado…

Forged Banner_Chapter 005_03_Jules

Forged Banner_Chapter 006_Jules

Chapter Listing for A Family Forged By Love, Loyalty, & Honor