Newish Story Posted

Hello.  I may have mentioned a couple times in the past that I was rewriting Shards of Shattered Glass.  Well, the rewrite is finished and has a stamp of approval from each of my betas, so I’m posting it.

I’m currently working on the sequel.  I have 13 of 24 of those chapters edited and approved by the betas so I should be able to begin posting it soon.

In the meantime, you all can go read the new version of Shards.  It’s got a new narrator and is in a single PoV so it should be infinitely easier to follow than the original version.

I have decided that I will leave the old version up so I won’t be taking that down.

Happy reading.  (image is linked)

Shards Banners 002_001c


p.s.  If you find any chapters that are password protected, let me know because I tried to remove all the passwords but if I missed any I’d appreciate a heads up.  Thank you.



New Story Posted

Hello everyone.  As some of you may or may not know, in May, I signed on to participate in a Big Bang Challenge over on Fiction Retreat.  The goal was 25,000 words in three months.  I wrote over 142,000.

The story, Big Man with a Gun, is the first in a new series, which will be called Living by Moonlight.

The series is a Moonlight/True Blood crossover.  I have worked very hard to make it so that you don’t have to be familiar with Moonlight to understand the story (even getting people who have never seen Moonlight to read it and tell me what needed explaining), so everyone should be able to read and understand the story.

The chapters are all posted so you can read the whole thing if you like.  I will be posting the chapters one a week on my other usual sites.

And a special thank you to four wonderful women.  Brookie Twiling made the banner for my story.  I love how it turned out.  The other three women are brooklyn4, Luner Kat, and pyrodaemon who served as my betas for this story.  It would not be what it is without their invaluable help.  Thank you.

The banner is linked to the title page.


Happy Reading.

I’m Finally Posting the Kittyinaz Christmas Challenge One-Shots

I Participated 2017 Christmas Writing Challenge

Hello.  Long time no write.  The last time I posted voting was open for the Kittyinaz 2017 Christmas Writing Challenge.  Well, miracle of miracles my story The Twelve Days of Christmas actually won first place and a couple other stories I wrote (I wrote six) won awards too.

So I’ve been meaning to post them to this site and the other sites that I post my stories to but real life kept getting in the way.  I won’t bore you with the details but I have finally posted five of the six stories (the sixth is incomplete and as some of you may know I no longer post incomplete stories, so I won’t be posting While You were Gone until I manage to finish it.)  In the meantime, you have five one-shots to read (one of which is over 32,000 words long.)

Oh, and a special shoutout to JennaTeeWrites whom The Twelve Days of Christmas is dedicated to.

Images are linked:

Twilight Stories:

The Twelve Days of Christmas LilGray 1


The Truest Gift LilGray 1


The Vampire Diaries Story:

Curses and Blessings LilGray 1


Moonlight Stories:

A Lifetime and Beyond 1a


Satan's Favorite LilGray 1


Happy Reading!

Searching for a Beta (or two)

Hello, I’m in need of a Beta (or two) who is familiar with both Moonlight and True Blood. I’m pretty sure my two usual betas, Lauren and Robin, are only familiar with True Blood so I need someone who has seen Moonlight and feels they can contribute to a story that while mostly set in the True Blood Universe has mostly moonlight characters and plot lines for the moment. The story will have at least two sequels, one short and the other possibly long-ish…. if you know me at all, then you are aware that ridiculously long is the more likely prediction…lol. The two sequels will take place in Louisiana, but the first story takes place in Los Angeles. Anyhow, I figured I’d ask and see if anyone is interested in Betaing for me. Eric is not a main character in the first story, but he’ll be one of two male protagonists in the second and third stories. Also, Sookie will probably be in the third story (maybe the second but most likely not.) Anyhow, I hope someone can help me.

P.S. I mostly need help with the story and the plot and ideas not so much with grammar and such because I have Grammarly that takes care of that aspect of storytelling for the most part.

Also, I have other moonlight stories in the works too so there may be the opportunity for the Beta to beta more than one story in the future if they want to (no pressure.)

If you’re interested, then please email me at thevoicesinsidemyheadfanfic @ gmail . com (remove the spaces first)

Thank you.

3 New One-Shots

Hi, long time no write… I decided to put my song lyric folder to good use and write some one-shots based on the songs.  However, my muse and I had some trouble choosing which songs so I had some friends pick random numbers and then wrote stories based on the corresponding songs.  I’ve written five stories so far, three of which I posted on this site and two of which are posted on my taboo site.

The three one-shots on this site are one Bella/Jasper Twilight story and two Caroline/Kol The Vampire Diaries stories.  The banners below are linked to the stories on this site.

Perfectly Reckless and Totally Defenseless_001


The Deal_004_72 dpi




I have five one-shots completed and about twenty-five more to go…lol.

Forged Now Completely Posted and Other News

Hello, all.  First of all, I apologize for the delay in posting Forged.  I caught Bronchitis at the beginning of January and because of other medical issues I have couldn’t take anything to get rid of it so it sidelined me for the majority of January.  I feel much better now, though, so I just finished posting A Family Forged By Love, Loyalty, & Honor.  It’s now completely up and ready to read. (Image is linked to the Table of Contents)

Forged Banner_Heroes_03_Jules

A special shoutout to Traceybuie who asked me if there was any chance for Klaus’ Redemption.  Her question sparked an idea in my mind so now there may very well end up being a sequel to this story.



On another note, the results of Kittyinaz’s Christmas Carol Challenge are in (have been for a while) and I did not win.  I have posted the short story on this site (It’s called Letting Go).  It is actually chapters 44, and 46-50 of the sequel to Shards of Shattered Glass, which I will be working on getting ready to be posted with hopes of it being ready to publish sometime during Spring of 2017.  I decided to post the ‘short story’ as a teaser of sorts to all my incredibly patient fans.

Many thanks to Kittyinaz for the very pretty banner (which is linked to the story)



I’m thinking of entering Kittyinaz’s First Quarter Writing Challenge too.  Here’s the prompt picture, which is linked to the page for the contest.


I hope some of my readers will enter too because I know that there are quite a few incredibly talented writers that read my stories.

Well, now I’m off to work on my other WIP’s and the outline for the sequel to Forged, which I want to get on paper sooner rather than later while the ideas are still fresh in my mind!

Currently Updating Forged – Chapters 001 through 019 posted

Forged Banner_Heroes_03_Jules

Hi, all.  Happy New Year!  I have been updating Forged for the last few days.  I have through chapter 019 posted.  Lauren has edited through chapter 029.  I’m not sure I’ll get the whole story posted by the end of tomorrow, which had been my goal, but the chapters should all be up in the next week or two provided my new Kindle doesn’t steal all my time.  lol.  My goal for this year is to find a balance between reading and writing.  Last year I read less than one book (three-quarters of a book to be specific), but I wrote probably close to a million words.  I’d like to find a way to do both, so I’ve set a goal of 122 books and 500,000 words throughout the whole year.  I read a book and edited three chapters today, so I have high hopes that I can both read and work on my stories.

Anyway, I seriously fixed up the first nine chapters of Forged (I am the proud new owner of the Grammarly app, so that helped me find a ton of issues I had missed before.)  I would suggest you all reread the first nine chapters because stuff has been changed, especially if the last time you read it Jeremy was still a boy (I turned him into Juliet, Elena’s baby sister.)

I’ll be working on chapter 020 tonight and maybe 021 too, otherwise, I’ll post some more tomorrow.

Happy reading

A Family Forged by Love, Loyalty, & Honor Chapter Listing